First off, let’s take a moment to duly note how pathetic and emasculated we’ve become here in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” when it is the assumed norm that American culture and civilization is going to be nagged, bullied and bought into compliance by a bunch of loudmouthed and fabulously malicious androgynous fruitloops.

Way to go, ‘Merica!

And way to go “American Christian church” for leading the way to this big gay mess. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

We’ve apparently become so sad, lame, weak and wimpified in our proud rejection of God that we’re no longer even entitled to have a “cool” villain or nemesis by whom we might meet our ultimate doom. No Russian or Chinese invasion for us (at least not yet, anyway). No rampaging Muslim hordes in the American heartland (at least not yet, anyway). No Darth Vader or Dracula type bad guy to do us in. No sir; we’ll have none o’ that.

Nah, instead we’re being finished off by the Kardashians, Glee and an army of Rupaul wannabes.


“We the people” have clearly established a new gold standard in the category of tragically comedic suicidal idiocy.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

Perhaps the most pathetic aspect of the ongoing Pride parade that is American culture comes by way of those who are looking to “save us” by way of the same Christ-dismissing principles that got us here in the first place. Even at this ridiculously late hour and in light of the boatloads of Scriptural validation pouring down all around us, most professing Christians in America – especially the “politically conservative” ones – are still looking first and foremost to unbelievers and worldviews founded in unbelief for the salvation of their beloved America Idol.


The latest attempt by “good conservative Christians” to use the All-American virtues of religious pluralism (which God despises, by the way) and secularly defined tolerance comes by way of one of my favorite places: Texas. As reported yesterday in The Dallas Morning News, the Gaystapo and Gender Madness Fascists are all up in arms over some legislative proposals rolling around the Texas State legislature:

Leaders of civil-rights and liberal groups are warning Texas lawmakers not to damage the state’s economy and reputation by passing bills designed to undercut a possibly favorable ruling on same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court this summer.

As deadlines for passing bills begin to kick in this week, the Legislature’s two chambers could take floor action on Monday and Tuesday on as many as three bills on same-sex marriage.

Proponents say the measures are necessary to defend states’ rights and religious freedom against activist federal judges and gay rights zealots. Critics say the bills are blatant efforts to turn back the clock and deny equal treatment to people with a different sexual orientation or gender identity. (bold emphasis added)

Once again, please note that it’s not the Nature of God as revealed in His Word and through His Son that is to be defended. It is “religious freedom”…which obviously must include the “religious freedom” of folks like, say, for example: Satanists, witches and Muslims.

Oh yeah, that’ll please God.

Or god. Or mother earth. Or Oprah or Thor or Iron Man or whatever.

Who cares, right?

You pick your god and I’ll pick mine.

Live and let live, bro.

And god (or Oprah or Spider-man) bless ‘Merica, of course!

The longer this madness rolls on – the more that “conservative Christians” cling to the America Idol and its core virtue of religious pluralism – the more apparent it becomes that perhaps the great lesson of our time (and perhaps even the primary purpose of America at this moment in God’s creation of history) is to demonstrate what pride does to any people who decide to reject the essential exclusivity of Christ as King in practice and plant their flag instead on “virtues” like the “religious liberty” to do whatever one pleases regardless of what God has to say about it.

How many times can we look the other way and pretend not to see the crystal clear contradiction between what we are doing and the binding, living Word of the one true God?! (See: Openly reject God’s First Commandment? YES! WE! CAN!)

How many times can we just smile, shrug our shoulders and once again dive deeper into satanic “solutions” for the consequences of rejecting the essential exclusivity of Jesus Christ as King in practice?!

How may times can we dare to “wonder” at the insanity of Bruce Jenner “transitioning” into a Republican Christian Woman, lesbians teaching kindergarteners about “being gay”, the increasing homo-fascist economic persecution of obedient Christians, U.S. Army Cadets marching in red high heels under the leadership of a lesbian general, the emergence of “Transgender Girl(?) Scouts”, and the purposeful obliteration of family and gender as concepts (much less constructs that are to actually hold our culture and civilization together)?

How many times can we claim “shock” at the relentless advance of the Big Gay Anti-Christian Bullies that are raping and pillaging the culture unencumbered by any meaningful resistance?!

How long will we ignore the glaring reality that our “religious leaders” have done as much as anyone to lead us to this place? (See: Have the “We will not obey!” Christian “leaders” repented of their role in bringing us to this hellish condition in the first place?)

How long can we go on pretending that our favored “experts” and “leaders” from the Pagan Right haven’t done as much as anyone (except maybe our “religious leaders”) to bring us to this place?! (See: Confronting the Gay Orwellian Party: Dragging the Pagan Right out of the closet and into the light. and So what if Bruce Jenner claimed to be Napoleon? Or a Tomato? What then, Rick Santorum?)

How long can this go on?

How long will we resist and rebel against the Gospel command to repentance? (See: Why Americans don’t do repentance.)

How long will we refuse to submit to the Christ that we so loudly and proudly claim with our lips?

This is not a joke.

This is not a drill.

There are not multiple viable options or solutions for what ails us.

Thomas Jefferson, gifted as he was in so many ways, cannot save us.

The U.S. Constitution, beautiful as it is in so many ways, cannot save us.

The Pagan Right, appealing as they are to our “itching ears”, American pride and vanity, cannot save us.

Religious pluralism, secular tolerance and the “freedom to worship” false gods cannot save us. They can only continue to kill us.

God has spoken.

He has done so with loving, life-giving clarity, and He commands us to repent.

So do we really want to stop the cultural disintegration? Do we really want to avoid  – and have our children avoid – the living hell of totalitarian Statism that is being ushered in by the Pagan Right and Pagan Left as the ultimate “necessary solution”? Do we really want to see this land and its people turn away from pride-fueled destruction and toward Christ-centered restoration?

If we do, we’ll repent, believe and be saved.

If we don’t, we won’t.

It really is that simple.

Even in America.

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4 Responses

  1. This is incredible. How refreshing to read something so clear and direct. I came here looking for a comic and got a whole lot more.

    Didn’t even check yet to see if you offer an RSS feed, or are still publishing. I hope so.

    (Just checked. Yep, feed present with new content.)

    Made my evening. Thanks!)

  2. Read this, and thought of you! Great writing style, as always. Rather weak points, but I’m totally sure you’ll fix that sooner or later. Anywaaayyss..

    “Monotheism – particularly as viewed from the perspective of those who follow pluralistic traditions – often appears as a kind of arrogance, not as a type of true spirituality.

    That there is only One True God, and all other Gods, are false, sounds like a statement of arrogant intolerance, not an experience of higher consciousness.

    Monotheistic groups seem to claim ownership over God, as if the Divine were a kind of property, proclaiming to the world that only their God is the true God – and all other Gods should not be tolerated and probably eliminated.

    Such harsh and rude lines of thinking seem out of place in the spiritual, mystical and yogic realms, which should make us more sensitive to other people and to nature as a whole.

    Monotheism often resembles egoism, such as is common in human behavior on both individual and collective levels. “Monotheistic arrogance,” like other forms of personal or cultural arrogance, leads to aggression and the attempt to dominate and control, if not suppress and destroy the other.

    Monotheists often create agendas to convert or conquer the entire world to a single belief, which becomes their main activity and effort in life that they promote with a religious zeal that can become fanatic and blind.

    While such conversion agendas may be less overt in the post-colonial era, since their supporting armies were withdrawn, they are still a major focus for many monotheistic groups worldwide and the subject of vast planning, funding and subterfuge.

    The One God of monotheism may be defined as infinite and eternal but he seems to act in a way that is partial and limited, favoring his chosen people, community or believers over all others, though these are also human beings.

    The One God of monotheism may be regarded as formless or as an impersonal truth, but his actions appear mixed with ordinary emotions like anger and envy. His fiats, condemnations, heaven and hell seem more like human excesses than Divine virtues.

    It is clear, if we look deeply, that monotheistic formulations of Divinity are often colored by the ego of the people and groups who have made them. Whatever Divine energies that may come in with such monotheistic inspirations seem to easily get clouded by the rigidity, if not arrogance of their monolithic approach.

    Monotheism seeks to impose an artificial uniformity on the richness of the human religious and spiritual experience that has had many forms and expressions in cultures and individuals throughout the world and throughout history.

    What we need today is a renaissance of spirituality, mysticism, Yoga and meditation beyond such boundaries of belief, institution and personality. In that broader context exclusive monotheistic approaches cannot likely have a dominant role.

    Unless we understand and remove this arrogance in monotheism, it will probably continue to give rise to intolerance, crusades, holy wars, missionary agendas, and the denigration of other spiritual paths. It will likely continue in its destruction of cultures and peoples that has already been going on over the last two thousand years and has already devastated several continents of the world.

    We need not deny the spiritual, mystical or artistic inspiration that anyone may find anywhere, and each person or group should be free to develop that. But in a pluralistic society we cannot blindly accept exclusivism and the denial of pluralism in the name of religion as representing some Divine truth or virtue.”

    1. Jesus is the Only way, truth and the life. John14:6
      He who has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son does not have life, but the wrath of God abides on him. 1 John 5:12
      The bottom line is all these other pluralistic religions lead to death. Christians aren't better than anyone, Jesus is!
      No one compares or qualifies. He is the Creator and holds everything in His power. Colossians 1:17 So this is the time to give up your philosophical ideaolgies and bow to the King, while there is still time.

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