With the fear-driven American political puppet show drama about to hit its primary season peak (right on schedule), we’re well served to resist the relentless promotion of emotion-driven anxiety pitched by countless (and often “conservative Christian”) media mouthpieces and take a moment to calmly (you know, as if King Jesus is actually on His throne) assess just how it is that we’ve come to a place where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are likely to become the “Bible Belt” selected options from whom we will all soon be told we must choose “the lesser evil” in November.

It’s not as though this whole Trump/Clinton nightmare situation “just happened” like a grenade going off in the living room or something.

Au contraire.

This suicidally stupid scenario has been purposefully and methodically unfolding and building over the course many years, decades, and generations. Our All-American “lesser of two evils” march to the beat of our chosen Progressive/Statist leaders has always been taking us somewhere quite specific, even if we didn’t know or didn’t want to know where it was that we were being led. And with the Trump/Clinton wave cresting and about to crash and wash over us, we’re getting yet another glimpse – whether we want it or not – as to where our precious “lesser evils” are (and have always been) taking us.

Our election processes and results over many generations of time are, like everything else in the culture, a product of our approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we were blessed with Puritan/Pilgrim founders who came to America with a victorious, optimistic, culture-resurrecting worldview centered on the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, in hindsight we can now see that almost immediately after their coming here with that vision in that context, the generations that followed began a fast and furious flight from the Christ-centered vision upon which those Pilgrims and Puritans built such a uniquely wonderful foundation. By the time of the American War for Independence, we’d already fallen far from the vision in which our roots were planted, and we’ve steadily (albeit with ups and downs along the way) gotten worse from there.

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Just look back over the past several generations and witness our long standing, steadily increasing embrace of all manner of evil in the name of All-American “freedom” and “liberty”.

It all began with our long held, much cherished “right” to openly worship false gods in the land. This satanic approach to religious liberty has become a cornerstone of American Statism and is proudly championed across the globe as a virtue for all other people to emulate. From there the embrace of things like the “right” to produce or sell porn, the “right” to market adultery, the “right” to divorce-on-demand, the “right” to public schools funded through the obliteration of the right to own a home outright, the “right” to child sacrifice, the “right” to financially profit from child sacrifice and the “right” to “gay marriage” became inevitable. Once things like law, rights, freedom, and liberty are severed from explicit connection and subjugation to the Person of Jesus Christ, they all begin to die and they all begin to kill everything that they touch.

That’s just how things work in God’s creation.

Always has been.

Always will be.

And America is no exception.

We will live by God’s Nature as revealed in His unbreakable Law or we will die in opposition to it.

Those are our only two options, and “We the people” – including the majority of those claiming to be “conservative Christians” – have been begging for the latter option for a very long time.

Which brings us to Clinton and Trump.

Here in 2016 America there are precious few living Americans who can even remember a time when deep Socialism wasn’t the norm (think: public schools and Social Security – just two of many glaring examples of now-normal Marxist/Socialist systems and institutions that have become entrenched and defended even by “conservative Christians” in America). After generations of State-run children’s “education” and church/pastor support of the same, is it any wonder at all that we’re where we are now? Is it any surprise that a people proudly pursuing Socialism/Statism in practice (often while condemning it with their lips) in so many flagrant, obvious ways for so very long a stretch of time would now settle (or be guided) into a place where they agree to have either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to lead and rule over them?

No, of course not.

But denial is “a thing” in America, particularly in the professing Christian American subculture, whose denial of all unpleasant or challenging realities is both rooted in and a consequence of its denial of the Gospel.

The very little, very limited, and very weak false gospel of American Christianity has taken us to where we are now.

It has given us Hillary Clinton.

It has given us Donald Trump.

And as long as professing Christians continue to cling to its hollow, weak, apathetic message of preemptive surrender to the enemies of Christ, we will get even worse “lesser evils” after them. Until we reject the American way of pride and rebellion against Christ as King in practice where law, economics and civil government are concerned, we will continue to be suckers led to the slaughter by satanic counterfeits of freedom and liberty wrapped in “old glory” and paraded about accompanied by our favorite hymns of Statism.

So could it be that there is a great and beautiful silver lining being provided by God’s grace through the dark clouds now rolling over the land in the form of the Trump and Clinton campaigns?

Could it be that, through this acutely ugly chapter of a long running “lesser evil” directed production, many American Christians will finally be awakened and repent?

Could it be that through the presentation of a “choice” between two heads of a single satanic dragon to lead us – this time with one head named Donald and the other Hillary – God might graciously open the eyes and minds of those who have been so tragically deceived and so easily manipulated for so very long?

Could it be that Christians will finally ditch their denial, stop pretending and honestly engage with the many hard truths that they’ve long fought and struggled to avoid and ignore?

I believe so. I pray that this is the case.

It’s in this context that I thank God for the looming “Bible Belt” coronations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

May the Lord use this “Christian” enabled incarnation of the two-headed dragon to awaken and inspire His people to repent, reform, and resurrect a long dead American culture.


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7 Responses

  1. The judgment of this nation was sealed in 2012. We, the people of God, did not turn our hearts away from idolatry and every sin that we laid up in our hearts. This is the year that she will come down and if anybody actually thinks that we shall see the general election this year, you have not been looking at the unleavened prophecies, nor heeding to the true prophets of the Lord. The elections are rigged and anyone that really thinks that a vote cast makes any difference in the polls, ought to have their eyesight checked. The only vote that does count is that vote to make Jesus Christ Lord of our lives, by virtue of submission. I think that won't happen until the people of the Lord go hungry. Then it will be, take the mark, the name, OR the number and get your FEMA rations or reject the new ID and cry out for mercy from the Most High, for our rebellions, which are many.

    Yes, the church of mammon. the church is us. we have sinned egregiously.

    How's that New Age Bible and contemporvant "church" working out for us now? 'Bout the same as it did in Ahab's days.

    1. One of the most egregious, unending displays of contempt for Christ by those claiming His name is the manner in which they relentlessly parade about false prophecy after false prophecy no matter how many hundreds (or thousands or millions) of similar past prophecies have already been proven wrong over time.

      1. I agree completely. Satan has filled the people of faith with leaven from the various schools of philosophy, theology, New Age changed (per)versions of the unchanging, perfectly preserved Word of God, And he does it through the hierarchical structure/model of the "church" system. out of these various strange waters and leavened bread, many well intentioned believers (I do not think that the vast majority of them have contempt for Christ) have erred greatly, in studying the perverted Bibles and using the eschatological techniques of the wisdom of men. How many people Truly seek the Father? How many people wait upon Him before throwing a whole lot of ranting articles on some website that show a lack of spiritual maturity in Christ? How many people, after sincerely seeking the Father and waiting upon Him, will open up the only true, unchanging Word of God (the Authorized King James Bible) and hear what His Spirit shall teach us? I can tell you Scott that Not one of us knows all things, but all of us know some things, and the things that He teaches are sure. And every single one of the words that are written in His Word are true. You corrected me once for an assumption and an error that I made. I was saddened by my ignorance and apologized profusely. You were so taken back by my willingness to accept reproof and repentance, that you told me you would contact me again soon because you wanted to talk with me. I replied that to accept correction and reproof is a trait that every one of us should have, if we are His. I have attempted to enter conversations with you since then and may have seemed a bit abrasive. You, yourself know how abrasive "hard truth" is to the proud heart in error. You see it often enough. I think that my assertions of the inerrant nature of every Word of God, has in someway offended you, because you have not responded to my exhortations regarding your use of a "New" Age Bible. The very foundation of Truth is the Word. Jesus Christ is the Word and Satan has attacked it from the beginning. I hate lies and I have a special hatred for the subverting of the Word in these last days.

        As far as the prophecies go, they are sure. Many of them have already been fulfilled exactly as they were written and the "church" has been blinded by the devil to look in the wrong directions. The Lord God has revealed many things to me because I actually seek Him and seek Wisdom, knowledge and Understanding and desire to know what is to become of His holy people in these last days. You may think that, because history has shown many false teachings, my claims are common among those that are in error. You will certainly take note, this year, that there has been a prophet among you.

        Although the "Grande Theatre" is very egregious to me, the Trump/Hitlary show will be entertain to many. That is the intent. They know exactly what they are doing and we shall not see a general election this year as it has been in years past. Great tribulation shall interfere and there will be a state of emergency declared, of the which has never been seen in this nation before.

        You scratch the surface on many truths that most westernized, feel good, church going. proselytes of churchianity will never grasp. They have made up their minds on what they will and will not believe and their "Pastors" are their shepherds. Their radio and TV speakers and singers are their teachers. We have not so learned Christ. There is to be one Head, even Jesus Christ (who is the Word of God) He gives us gifts of His Holy Spirit to edify the whole body and His Spirit is given us to teach us and to lead us in all truth and when we search for the truth with all of our hearts and all of our souls and shun deception at every corner, we find that the Word of God gives us that sure foundation on which a spiritual house should be built.

        The thing that led me to your website was the many truths that you do declare and a hope that you are not among those that are too hardened or prideful to hear reproof. I still hold hope in Christ; that He can reach into the deepest places that man cannot.

        In these last days, It is difficult to reprove, exhort and rebuke with gentleness, because truth, by itself is abrasive and provokes the pride of men.

        I am not the average "Christian" I am not without flaw and I do cheerfully accept correction when I am wrong. And as Elijah was, so are we all, subject to like passions as a man, but we find our life in His mercy and stand in His righteousness. Some men are given much and some men are given little, but unless the glory belongs unto the Lord God and His Word is that which is exalted, the works of men are a vain thing that fade away as a flower of the field.

  2. And here comes another self righteous "perfect Christian" again to lecture us all on our spiritual civic duty !

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