Some things to consider before encouraging World War III.

Is Ukraine worth sending our men and women to die overseas in a war against Russia? While we may have – and probably should have – passionately held views on the horrible situation unfolding in Ukraine, it’s vital that those opinions be well informed. Passion and cluelessness are a very bad and very dangerous combo. […]


[The following post is from the opening “Battlefield Report” portion of today’s Hellrazer Report Newsletter.] First things first: Happy Reformation Day! As October gives way to the last two months of an incredibly intense and convulsive 2021, we are well served to remember that however dark things may seem at the moment, we are here to win. […]

Vaccine Cult Goes Full Retard

In spite of all the bad-news-drenched propaganda and fake news aimed our way each day, one beautiful truth should be shining through brightly right about now: The Good Guys will win because the Bad Guys are dumb. Really dumb. And by really dumb I mean in the fundamentally foolish and ultimately self-destructive ways described throughout […]

Why Natural Immunity Must Be Dismissed By Power-Mad Science-Haters in Government

Just to recap for those who haven’t been paying particularly close attention: Sometime in early 2020 (or possibly in late 2019), a government-made synthetic bug that was crafted in a government-run lab in Wuhan that was funded by government goons like Anthony Fauci began its worldwide rampage, escorted by relentless waves of fear porn and […]

Elite Abuser Class Grows More Desperate As Anti-Tyranny Rebellion Grows

The Elite Abuser Class is getting nervous. They’re having to lunge more and more desperately toward the total control that they crave and need to survive. They’re jumping out from under the rocks and shadows that have concealed them for so long, allowing their true nature to be fully exposed in the light for all […]

The Power of Multigenerational Vision

There are three high octane trigger concepts that ignite the rage of the self-centered as little else can. These triggers are: God Hierarchal Authority Structures (systems composed of imperfect people with varying roles and responsibilities) Male-Headship (aka “The Patriarchy” – meaning biblical patriarchy in this instance rather than any of the incalculable counterfeits or perversions […]

A Tale of Two Humanities: Human Resource Cattle vs. Image-Bearers of God

Over a decade later, I can still vividly recall the dismissive laughter that came from a generally quite wonderful Christian woman in response to a simple thought shared on the subject of business. The cackle-inspiring concept was this: The first duty and goal of any business should be to honor God with all that it […]

One Simple Reason Most GOP Governors Talk Big But Do Little About DC Tyranny

Why don’t Republican leaders actually do any of the big “conservative” things that they routinely promise during campaign seasons? Why don’t Republicans actually slash the size, role, and scope of government, as they promise again and again? Why don’t Republican Governors actually lead their states into a small government reality when they have the chance? […]

How Wretched [Radio] Theology Escorts the Culture to Hell

One thing we should all be able to agree on is that not all bad positions or bad teachings are equally bad. There’s a range; a spectrum. Another thing that we should all agree on is that we’re all works in progress and that most (if not all) of us have not only held bad […]

Never Forget What 9/11 Taught Us About The Amerikan Empire

The twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks couldn’t come at a more interesting time. Seas of tragedy, irony, and sadness stretch as far as the eye can see from Ground Zero. And then there’s the evil. Great evil. But where is the greatest evil to be found? Who or what is the most malevolent, devious, […]

Fire-Breathing Mega-Update

Good evening and a Happy Saturday to all! This is going to be an unusual post for several reasons. First, it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted here due in large part to a handful of other projects and family developments, some expected and some not, pulling my attention in many different directions […]

7 Things Every Patriot Needs To Know About King Jesus

One of the most interesting and concerning aspects of the MAGA and Q movements that have captivated much of the right side of the political spectrum in recent years is the way that they use the names God and Jesus to bolster their cause. The free and loose manner with which God has been portrayed […]

Is a third party viable…in a rigged system?

Is a third party viable…in a rigged election system? Seems like a trick question, doesn’t it? That’s ’cause it is. And yet it’s a trick question that many are failing to process properly as they cling to a blue pill perspective even as a torrential downpour of red pills covers the ground around their feet […]

Don’t be a Q-tard. It’s time to tackle reality head-on…and win!

With the installation of our Dear Leader Joe Biden in the White House having been completed with all the flair, all the military presence, and all the public participation of a tin pot banana republic scenario, there are many conservatives who are feeling really down right about now, but none are more depressed and more […]

A Silver Lining In The Marxist’s (Temporary) Takeover

D-Day has arrived, and as we process the formal installation of Dear Leader Biden from a fortress city wrapped in razor wired fences and surrounded by a sea of tens of thousands of troops, it’s important to note that, in practice, Marxists love building walls. They love military power. They love razor-wire, barricades, checkpoints, and […]

Pretend President Picks Mentally Ill Pretend Woman To Lead Nation Toward “Health”

As if we needed any more proof that the political class has plunged completely into Caligula-esque insanity, our brainless Orwellian mass media mouthpieces are breathlessly proclaiming the genius of Creepy Joe Biden choosing a mentally deranged fake woman to fill the role of Assistant Health Secretary. This next-level insanity and it’s silver lining (yes, there […]

Beat the dog until it bites. Then call it rabid.

As we head out of the craziness of last week and into the high tension, anxiety drenched drama of the week to come, I wanted to examine a quote that I saw posted online and relate it to many of the stories that we’ve seen unfold over recent days and many that we’re likely to […]

Looks like SECESSION is back on the menu, boys!

Here we are just a couple of weeks in, and 2021 is already looking to be more dramatic than 2020. More opportunity-drenched, too. One of the many positive developments flowing from scores of increasingly brazen and traumatic attempts on the part of Big Tech and Big Government to solidify centralized power in the hands of […]

THE HELLRAZER REPORT: Optimism and Confidence in the Age of Decentralization

“As bad as things may seem, the bad guys are not confident. They’re terrified, actually. They’re a gang of pathetic tyrant wannabes desperate to silence dissent and make one last mad grab for total control even as that opportunity slips further away from them by the minute. This is one of several reasons for great […]

Liberty, Tyranny, and Phoenix Rising

As 2020 rolls on into what may well be an even more intriguing and dramatic 2021, it seems like a good time to get some relevant sci-fi rolling. To that end, I’d like to share with you a sneak peek at the site I’m building for my new book, Phoenix Rising. I’ll be sharing more […]

What If The Secret Ballot Is The Ultimate Tool Of Control?

Legitimacy is important. It’s vital. A solid sense of legitimacy inspires confidence, trust, and a willingness to endure things that we would not otherwise tolerate. This is why a façade of legitimacy is an essential component of almost any large scale scam. Which brings us to the 2020 election and the larger system of systems […]

Why I’m voting for Donald Trump in 2020 (after not voting for him in 2016).

As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough already, here I am about to vote for a classic “lesser of two evils” option in what is at least for the moment still being billed as a super-serious, credible presidential election. This course of action may seem more than a little curious in light of the fact that […]

The Deadly (And Dying) Myth Of Our “Indivisible Union”

Are people who cannot dissolve a political union really free? At what point do we break up the U.S.S.A.? With things like ObamaCare and “Gay Marriage” routinely imposed on us by way of Federal power, should we simply say no to Federal control? Is it finally time to recognize that The Ring of Power used […]

The Gift Of Trump As Godzilla

As we watch and wonder at the cultural convulsions escorting us through the death of old concepts, systems, and lies that have defined much of our past and present as a people, it’s important to at least try to get a solid grip on reality as it actually is, as opposed to what we’re told […]

What if God is using mobs to tear down our idols?

What if God is using raging mobs of evil, lawless people to tear down idols that other people have elevated to a place of worship above Him? As the deep rot that’s been spreading under the surface of our culture for generations finally gives way to the open chaos and carnage that it was designed […]

The Shots Seen ‘Round The World (And Why They Terrify The Left)

Few things terrify the Left (or the Big Government Right) more than the thought of independent, responsible, mature adults being armed, able, and willing to take care of themselves. This great truth is shining as never before in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse story. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Rittenhouse and recent events […]

How to undo history, American Socialist style.

One of the most important – perhaps the most important – thing that we can understand about mobs of young people rioting, looting, and pursuing open revolution in cities across the United States is that the course to where we are now was deliberately set many generations ago and that the state-run “education” of children […]

What The World Needs Now Is Christian Men Who Will Stand Up And Lead

It’s been said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. This seems true enough on its face. But what happens to a culture that has lost all sense when it comes to defining – or even acknowledging the reality of – good and evil? What […]

History in the Making: July 2020 Snapshot and Predictions

“A hundred years from now, there will be history professors who specialize in the study of one quarter of the year 2020.” I remember instantly thinking, “Yeah, that’s about right” as I read that a few weeks back, on Twitter I think. It’s a paraphrase, but you get the idea: We are living in an […]

George Floyd and Jerome Powell: A Tale of Two Counterfeiters

When Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell goes on 60 Minutes to explain how his private banking consortium has the ability to type currency into existence out of thin air in virtually unlimited quantity and then use that counterfeit wealth to buy up all manner of real assets on a massive and potentially all-consuming scale, we […]

What’s the difference between $1 and $1,000,000,000? Twelve keystrokes.

What’s the difference between $1 and $1,000,000,000? Twelve keystrokes. What’s the difference between $1,000,000,000 and $9,999,999,999? The choice of keystrokes. Let that sink in. Deep. At the point of origin in our warped and evil system, the difference between 1 and 1,000,000,000 units of currency is twelve keystrokes (if you count commas…only nine keystrokes if […]

What I want my kids to know about how I saw the world on April 4, 2020.

Every now and then the period of time in which we live seems to launch into a higher gear than we imagined possible just before the shift happened, bringing with it high stakes and a high octane vibe the likes of which usually only come along once in a lifetime, if that often. Every now […]

Keep Your Eye On The Lie: The Real Virus That Doomed Our Economy

The Coronavirus, while a serious problem that should be treated as such, is nowhere near the Big Bad Beast that many are making it out to be. Under cover of mass confusion and fear, massive power grabs by centralized powers from governments to mega-corporations are on full display. Tyrants and tyrant wannabes from Beijing, London, […]

Our Golden Opportunity: Restoring the Power and Beauty of Home

A radically debased approach to the concept of Home is one of the telltale signs that we’ve devolved into a very unhealthy, fragile, and weak culture. This is one of many painful but important truths being made plain through the unfolding Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic. One of the primary reasons for our inability to weather storms […]

The Rank Evil Of Our Counterfeit Economic System Is On Full Display

As a Coronavirus-coated pin pops the massive asset bubbles defining our fundamentally warped counterfeit economic system, the true evil at the core of that system is becoming more and more clearly exposed. Just this morning the Federal Reserve announced that it will be buying up even more assets (real things) with the black magic fiat […]

10 Major Positives Of The Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic

When a major civilizational shift occurs in a sudden, unexpected lurch, it’s easy for those living through the transition to focus on the negatives and miss the positives, especially when the negatives associated with the shift are – or at least seem to be in the moment – catastrophically bad. While the early stages of […]

Free “Money” For Everyone!!! (Or: How Coronavirus Is About To Kill The U.S. Dollar)

As Coronavirus continues to make its way onto the stage (remember: it’s still just getting started), we’ve been hearing a lot about “high risk categories” or types of people who might have heightened reasons to personally fear the bug (older people, smokers, and America’s specialty: the obese). But one important High Risk category that people […]

Fear Mongering from Anti-Preppers Soars (All in the Name of Fighting Fear)

Do you like having access to things like food, water, and toilet paper? Do you like for your children to have access to things like food, water, and toilet paper? Are you a happy, calm, responsible adult who thinks that having a couple months’ supply of such things on hand for your family is a […]

It’s Time To Brace For Coronavirus Impact

Much has happened on the pandemic front since I posted Coronavirus and the Viral Spread of Decentralization at the beginning of the month, with two developments serving nicely as bookends to the situation as it stands here near the end of February:  The Coronavirus pandemic sailed past every threshold required for qualification as a pandemic, […]

Take Tim Challies To School Day

Most of us have heard some version of the saying: “There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.” While the spirit of the phrase seems virtuous enough at a passing glance, it’s important for us to understand that, in certain contexts, there are indeed stupid questions, and that some of those questions are dangerously stupid […]

10 Reasons To Thank God For President Trump (Even If You Didn’t Vote For Him)

With the Deep State deploying its Fake News and Leftist pop culture assets for yet another desperation assault to take down the President, it seems like a good time to take stock of the many significant reasons We the People should thank God for President Trump. While I’ve expressed many serious concerns about Mr. Trump […]

The Blackface (And Soul) Of Woke Cracker Culture

A funny thing happened on the way to labeling any and all Social Justice critics as a bunch of racists. A whole lot of really funny things, actually, the most recent example being the revelation that Social Justice Champion and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pursued a vigorous “blackface” hobby over the years, routinely […]

What The World Needs Now Is A Christianity That Has A Pair

Many ask, but few seem to really want to know the answers to, the same basic questions: Why is our culture going to hell on a rocket? How did things get so bad so fast? Why do they only seem to be getting worse at a faster pace with each passing week, month, and year? […]

Why Fakestream News Pumps The Transgender Lie

If we can be programmed to embrace the notion that men are women and women are men, then we can be programmed to embrace absolutely anything. If we can be compelled to look at what we know to be a man and publicly proclaim that he is a woman, then we can be compelled to […]

It’s Time To Go On Offense Against The Leftist Inquisition

The Inquisition is upon us. Has been for a while. While that part should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, one important aspect of The Inquisition that we need to appreciate right about now is the fact that it’s doomed to failure, and soon. That’s right. It’s the Hindenburg, the […]

Lunatic Left Champions Taxpayer Funded Abortions For “Trans”/Fake Women

At the risk of appealing to mathematics and logic, both of which are obviously racist (duh!), what do you get when you add up the following: “Free” healthcare for illegal immigrants is a good thing (with “free” meaning that you and I are made into slaves who are forced to pay for it), .  Child […]

Never Trust An “Expert” Who Thinks Bruce Jenner Is A Woman

One of the more fabulously gaudy signs that we’re living in a fast burning age of chaotic nuttiness is that we’re simultaneously pitched mindless slogans like #BelieveAllWomen alongside the crackpot crazy contention that Bruce Jenner is a woman. The same stone cold idiots telling us that men must give way or defer to women in […]

The Revealed Character of MLK and TGC

What a difference a year makes. With each passing month God seems to be highlighting his sense of humor (see: Psalm 2) as he exposes and humiliates enemies who are, in their laughably delusional state, convinced that their ultimate victory is inevitable and just a few short steps away from being realized. The latest installment […]

One Vine. One Bride. One True Israel.

How important is it to accurately identify True Israel? Very. But why? Why is it important? The first answer to that question is that the identity of True Israel should be important to us because it’s important to Jesus. True Israel is Jesus’ bride. True Israel is the apple of His eye. True Israel is […]

Jesus vs. “Faith Leaders” (Or: Everything is Theological)

It wasn’t long ago that the most aggressively anti-Christian elements in our culture at least pretended to be committed to “keeping religion out of politics”. We were told again and again that “religion and politics don’t mix” and that we should “keep our faith in its place”. Then a funny thing happened on the way […]

Dear Taylor: Please stop being a hateful, intolerant, anti-Christian bigot.

What once was a crowd of God-hating nutjobs screeching incessantly about “keeping religion out of politics” has interestingly (but not surprisingly) metastasized into a raging mob that’s all too willing to use its religion as a political tool by which to bludgeon, shame, and crush all who dare dissent from their more-obviously-insane-by-the-minute agenda. (Remember: These […]

The Essential First Step To Renewing Our Culture

How do we actually take our train-wreck of a culture, turn it around, and transform it into something of breathtaking beauty? Sound impossible? Well, it is…apart from the Gospel-fueled Great Commission. The Great Commission in action really can and will supernaturally resurrect and transform dead lives, families, communities and even entire civilizations, all by God’s […]

Where Marriage and Politics Intersect

It should come as no surprise that the King of kings has opinions on the subject of marriage and that said opinions are perfect in every way because, among other things, the King in question is the Author, Definer, and Sustainer of marriage. With that in mind, how do we chart a path to understanding […]

Jussie Smollett’s Christian-Enabled Hate Privilege

#HatePrivilege is all the rage. . In our culture, some people are not only free to hate, but are encouraged to do so at every turn by corporations, governments, and even “progressive” churches…all in the name of “fighting hate”. . Here in ‘Merika, if you want to openly discriminate against, oh, let’s just say for […]

Encouraging Christian Leaders To Lead As Christians

Why does God raise up Christian leaders? To mimic unbelievers by modeling the same dismissive, destructive approach that they naturally take to His Word. Nope. God raises up Christian leaders to lead as Christians. This is the critical subject that we dove into in last week’s Tennessee General Assembly Bible Study in Nashville, which I’d […]

Jesus As The Essential Foundation Of Education

  Who is God? What are men and women? What is the purpose of human life? The answers to these questions form the foundation of every philosophy of education. There are no exceptions. These are also some of the key questions and answers that we kicked around in this week’s Bible Study at the Tennessee […]

How Our Debt-Based System Confirms The Necessity Of Biblical Economics

  When the U.S. dollar loses over 97% of its purchasing power over its first 106 years of existence, what does that tell us about the nature of the dollar? The same thing that Proverbs 11:1 tells us: It cannot stand. It is destined to die just as surely as previously hyperinflated fiat currencies like […]

Putting Government In Its Place

What is the role of government? Well, that depends on whether we’re talking about self-government, family government, church government, or civil government. But we don’t even seem to know that there are such things as self government, family government, and church government these days; at least not in the sense that these areas of government […]

Our Economic System’s End Has A Name: “Modern Monetary Theory”

  What inevitably happens when people allow politicians the power to print money out of thin air? (See: Venezuela.) Many bad things, beginning with ever-increasing slavery of the masses to the state culminating in a complete collapse of the black magic fiat economic system that destroyed the culture through the endless programs and wars it […]

Mainstream Media: Blackface Is MUCH Worse Than Murdering A Newborn Baby

I guess since the “professionals” and “experts” employed in mainstream fake news journalism actually believe that Bruce Jenner is a woman, Global Warming is real (hear that, Chicago?), and that the measles are an existential, Ebola-like threat to mankind, it shouldn’t be surprising that the same corporate-programmed imbeciles also think believe that dressing in blackface […]

King David: Not A Product Of Safe Spaces

  What kind of culture produces the likes of King David? What kind of culture doesn’t? And which one are we closer to these days here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA? (Hint: We don’t know the difference between a boy and a girl, we need safe spaces at […]

Here In PansyLand, Measles Is The New Ebola

If there was any doubt remaining as to whether the “professionals” permeating mainstream media were little more than moronic drones programmed and deployed by their corporate masters to mindlessly spew wave after wave of increasingly imbecilic propaganda for the purpose of nudging us toward an age of complete childlike dependence upon the matriarchal Mommy State, […]

That Time When “Social Justice” Media Accidentally Lynched Itself

  Just when the unhinged, hate-filled, anti-Christian bigots permeating mainstream NPC media were sure they’d found the picture-perfect opportunity for a lynching, things went terribly wrong, and fast. No sooner had Cultural Marxist “Social Justice” pimps and pillagers prepped and peddled the nooses by which a group of white (!) male (!!) Catholic (!!!) MAGA-hat-wearing […]

Pursuing Government After God’s Own Heart

How cool would it be to have political leaders who are serious, sold out disciples of the King of kings? How great would it be if our elected representatives treated Jesus as if He was actually the Author, Sustainer and Owner of everything in His creation, including law, logic, economics and education? How sweet would […]

Silver Linings, Golden Opportunities & The Death Of The Dollar

  China’s stockpiling precious metals. Russia’s stockpiling precious metals. India’s stockpiling precious metals. Hungary’s stockpiling precious metals. Why? Because the writing is on the wall: The US Dollar, like every fiat currency before it, is destined to attain its intrinsic value of zero, and as our debt/spending scenario becomes more and more clear, that inevitable […]

King of Kings: Political, Patriarchal & All-Conquering

  He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords. . ~ Revelation 19:15-16 . There’s a whole lotta crazy sweeping the culture these days, particularly on the patriarchy front, […]

Newly Minted Bisexual Senator Rejects Bible At Swearing-In Ceremony

Newly minted Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an open bisexual, has refused to be sworn in on a Bible and has instead opted to be sworn in on a book of man made laws. This is supposed to inspire shock and outrage among professing conservatives and Christians even though, when it comes to civil government, the […]

Government Run Children’s Education Leads To Government Run Everything Else

Just look at all of those American schoolkids being led by their teacher in a mass, Nazi-style Socialist salute. Hard to believe that was common in U.S. public schools not so long ago. What? You had no idea? You think I’m making it up? You’ve never heard (or seen the many pictures) of American kids […]

As The Dollar Dies… (Or: Why We Should Probably Own Some Silver & Gold Right About Now)

What happens when an entire economic system is built upon an empowered elite’s ability to literally craft wealth out of thin air? What happens when governments (and their mega-corporation sponsors) are empowered to create infinite indebtedness to fund their ever-growing warfare and welfare state ambitions in the present? A whole lot of pain, that’s what. […]

The Progressive Inquisition’s Rage Against Biology

Remember when everyone understood that Bruce Jenner was a man? Remember when generally healthy, sane men and women in America could and would, without fear or hesitation, publicly acknowledge that a man dressing as a woman was not actually a woman and was, in fact, still a man? Ah, the good ol’ days…well, sort of… […]


Evander MacLean Buss was born on Tuesday, November 27, at 11 p.m., joining siblings Rosie (5), Wolfgang (3), and Sebastian (1), who got to meet him for the first time on Wednesday night. While I’m tempted to try to describe the unique joy and wonder that washed over each of his three big sibs as […]

Dinosaurs vs. Decentralization

Don’t let the nightly network news or local talk radio tools distract you. Things are getting better. Much better and in major ways. For every idiot Socialist (of both Republican and Democrat flavors) pitching yet another version of the same old tired State-managed/centralized approach to education, economics medicine and everything else, there seems to be […]

FBC Video Channel Update & New MSNPC News Channel

First off, Happy Reformation Day! In the Spirit of Reformation that oughta define our every day, I’d like to share a brief update on the FBC Video Channel that’s been taking so much of my FBC-related time lately as we aim to get it off the ground. For those who are new to this FBC […]

Wanna MAGA? Model Hungary.

Guess which country just cracked down on “gender studies” and shored up its economic future by increasing gold holdings by ten fold? That would be Hungary. Which is why Hungary is so hated by the NPC/Fake News media that would have us believe that such shifts in government and culture can’t actually be accomplished in […]

Why doesn’t Elizabeth Warren just “self identify” as 100% Native American?

So Elizabeth Warren being potentially 1/1,024th “Native American” is enough to validate her claims to being of Native American descent. …and Bruce Jenner’s 100% genetic male-ness cannot be used in any way, shape, or form to disprove his inherently ridiculous claim to being a woman. This is the comical madness into which SJW’s would have […]

NPC is the new SJW…and triggered Snowflakes are melting everywhere.

The snowflakes are melting! The snowflakes are melting! I know, I know…what else is new, right? What better than habitual meltdowns should anyone expect from the perpetually triggered, perpetually outraged, and perpetually pouting Snowflake Culture that’s come to dominate the scene these days at dinosaur institutions like schools, television networks, and other “professional” Fake News […]

Pop Culture Matters (A Lot!) – An Intro To The New FBC Video Channel

Pop culture matters. A lot. For many reasons, including the fact that pop culture plays a significant role upstream of things like politics, economics, education, and art, all of which are very important to King Jesus and, as a result, should be very important to those who claim to love and serve King Jesus. Things […]

Crazed Barbarian Feminist Rants Against Jordan Peterson’s All Meat Diet

We simply cannot trust our own system-defying independent thoughts and experiences, no matter how well informed, well researched, and well tested those thoughts and approaches may be, if they do not conform to what the system-certified “experts” of the day proclaim to be true on any given subject. So says Emer O’Toole as she goes […]

Batman Goes Full Frontal Stupidity

DC Comics recently released a new Batman comic book in which Batman is presented in frontal nudity form. While the new title, appropriately titled Batman: Damned, gives us clarity on parts of Batman that few, if any, Batman fans actually want, perhaps the even more pathetic and disappointing revelation made plain by Batman: Damned is […]

Yoda Declares Bert & Ernie NOT Gay; Sends SJW’s Into Hateful Rage

So if Bert and Ernie are “gay”, we’re all supposed to be thrilled, happy, accepting, and supportive of them in their precious little homosexual puppet pursuits. But if they’re not gay and we’re happy that they’re not gay, well, then that’s obviously a sign of our being evil, bigoted, hate-filled creatures, and there’s no amount […]

Why Sane People Ignore SJW Demands On Sex And Gender

On the one hand we’re supposed to be obsessed with pursuing “proper representation” (which is conveniently left undefined) of women in movies, games, comics, and jobs of all sorts. And on the other hand, Bruce Jenner is a woman. Really. Not. Even. Kidding. This is what passes for “reality” in the crazyland of Social Justice […]

Marvel Re-Launches Failed Gay (Per)Version of Iceman

One of the many ways in which the inherent bankruptcy and laziness of Social Justice Warrior ideology presents itself is in its advocates’ inability to create their own compelling fictional characters, stories, and settings from which to advance their agenda. Instead, SJW’s rely on capturing existing icons and perverting them into tools to use in […]